This is my favorite recipe. These Buffalo Mussels will knock your socks off. Be sure to find fresh mussels.
You can use any hot sauce, I prefer Texas Pete®
Buffalo Mussels
Serves 4
• Mussels, 40 - 45 (approx. 2 pounds)
• Butter - 2 TBSP
• Texas Pete - 4 TBSP
• Blue Cheese Crumbles - 3 OZ.
• Fresh Parsley - small bunch (chopped)
• Loaf of Italian bread or baguette
Melt butter in large saute pan, med-high
Add Texas Pete hot sauce
Add mussels, cover
Steam mussels for 5 mins or until all mussels open
Shake pan to distribute mussels
Add blue cheese and parsley, cover
When mussels are completely open, it's time to eat!
Warm the bread and cut into chunks
Anchors away - get in there!
To serve: transport mussels to a large bowl, use a non-slotted spoon so guests will get enough broth for dipping the bread!
“soooo good.... oceans of flavor and totally addictive! ”
— Mary C.
“dip the bread in the sauce, holy mackerel!”
— Krystyne C.
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